Kaitlyn Faraghan

Authenticity and Artistry in the Church, on the Stage, and in the Studio.

We've all been there. We thought we planned out teams for this upcoming Sunday, but we somehow forgot a vocalist. Everyone has confirmed for a weekend, and then the Worship Leader suddenly gets ill and cannot make their commitment. 

Or, perhaps you're trying to find a way to add a fresh kick to your holiday service or special event. Kaitlyn Faraghan brings her experience in worship leading, her artistry, and her heart for God and others, to fill in a gap you may be facing in your worship team, or to add a unique and contagious flare to your special service. 


Service: $75/service

Holiday Service: $500/Up to 3 Services (Each addt’l service - $100)

One Week (Camp, etc): $1500/wk

Longer Than One Week: $1500 + $100/day over 1 week

- Room & Board, Travel (over 50 miles), and Food are additional charges to be covered by client. -