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Traveling Abroad - And Across the State

In a couple of days, I will be walking across the stage of the Green Lane Commons at the University of Valley Forge (bearing that the weather stays A-OK) and receiving my diploma. Now, diplomas are important and all, but we all know that all the fun happens in your summer after you graduate college! It is the last chance to have fun, to be free from responsibility. 

So, that's what I'm doing. Being free! Well, I am going to be helping out at a friend's church in Pittsburgh, so it's not going to be complete running around doing whatever the heck I want. HOWEVER - That is why I need YOUR help! You see, I'm not entirely too familiar with Pittsburgh, and you know your girl wants to see all she can see of the city. All the art, the history, the coffee.... And did I mention... the coffee. 

So, Pittsburgh-experts - tell me where your favorite place in the city is - specifically places to get a solid cup of Java! Leave your Instagram or Twitter handle, and I just may make a shout out to you!


BUT WAIT... There's more... 


Four days after I come home from Pittsburgh, I will be headed over to Leicester (pronounced 'Lester', apparently), England to stand by my best friend's side as she gets married to the love of her life. The two met overseas, and are getting hitched!

So, people of England, where should I go? How can I become an expert on England in about a week and a half's time? What should I go see? Where should I go eat?

Let me know!